Flemming Bo Jensen
Flemming has 17 years of broad experience in IT, from software development to system administration to heading up the IT department in a Danish ministry.

His expertise is in all the heavy stuff behind the scenes: making sure the machines that power your website run smoothly, healthily, safe from the evils of the internet, and stay that way.

Charlene Winfred
Charlene fell into the IT world owing to her enthusiasm for Sharepoint – a Microsoft collaboration and content management platform. She has spent the last few years fiddling with content and web interface design for a living.

She’s the go-to girl for making your site as intuitive and pleasant an experience as possible – from how it looks, to how it works, to how to present what’s in it – because satisfied users (aka customers) are what it’s all about.

Fun fact:
Flemming and Charlene are primarily roving photographer gypsies. Flemming’s personal site can be found here, and Charlene’s lives here.

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Company Information

Coffee and Magic is a Roaming Frame company, registered in Singapore.