You want a website but how does the process work when you hire us?
And is it true that we upload all your content? (Yes it is!)

To engage us

  1. We ask for a 50% deposit to secure our services, when this has been received, we get cracking on the development of your site

Developing your site

  1. Development site: We set up your new site on our development server – password protected so no one can see it while we work, of course.
  2. Content: You send us all the content, images, text, logos etc. that goes on your new site. If you already have a blog we import this content too.
  3. Creating site design: On the design end we normally ask you what sort of look you’re after, and we look for a suitable theme to match your brand, and we style it and customize to suit your brand and content.
  4. First look: The first draft of a site is usually fairly rough, to make sure that all the elements are in place, and functionality. We send you a link and login to look through this and give us feedback.
  5. Feedback loop: We work iteratively with you – we send you stuff to look at, you give us feedback, we work with your feedback, get you to look at the site again when done, and so on. We aren’t fans of documentation (having worked for years in large institutions, we both find documentation hinders more than helps), so we work in an informal, email / Skype based arrangement. All our clients have found this an easy, efficient experience to date.

Launching the site

  1. We ask for the remaining 50% when the site has been built and is ready to launch from our end, and we launch whenever you desire (assuming payment is received).
  2. Launch – We don’t launch your site until you’re 100% happy with it. On the technical side, launch entails moving everything from our development site to your site. It can be complicated but this is all included in the price.

Important inputs from clients

In building a site, the your input as a client is key to us giving you a site you’re really happy with. We want to build you a site you’re excited about, but we can’t do that without your feedback. The more energy you invest in this the better the result.

As a client, these are things we need from you:

  • Content – content is key and we need you to deliver all the images, text, logos etc. that go on your new website.
  • For seller sites  – products, pricelists – what do you want to sell and at which prices?
  • Feedback and decisions – General feedback on website progress.

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