Both our starter and seller bundles come with a 3 month support agreement.

The support period begins: From the date we publicly launch your site.

The support period ends: 3 months from the launch date of your site.

Support covers:

Anything involved in ensuring your site maintained and running without problems, e.g.:

  • Handling server issues with your hosting provider
  • Development & design issues: If any part of the site is not working or displaying properly, we investigate and fix it. IMPORTANT: Please note that this does not cover errors or site changes made by clients, or third parties not engaged by Coffee and Magic.

Monthly maintenance program:

  • Backup: We do a fresh back up of your site, so if WordPress or plugin updates cause issues, we’ll be able to restore all of your latest information
  • Updates: If there are plugin or WordPress security updates pending, we’ll make sure these are installed. This keeps your site secure and always running the latest stable version of everything.
  • Check performance & functionality: After updates are installed, we run through and make sure the site is running normally, and doing what it should
  • Fix issues: If we find issues, we take immediate action on them.

Support does not cover the services we normally charge for:

  • Updating your content
  • Adding new features
  • Adding/changing design elements for taste/preference
  • Fixing any errors in site changes that clients have made themselves.

Outside of our support service, we charge USD $150 for any technical or consulting work done.

Extending the support period:

Nearing the end of your support period, we will get in touch via email to notify you, with an offer to extend the support period.

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