OK, I knew nothing about developing a website, but I had a vision of what I wanted. I did a lot of research but couldn’t find anyone who I thought would capture that vision successfully or not charge me a fortune to try. I had seen Coffee and Magic’s work but was initially afraid of the concept of dealing with people I could not personally meet. However, their product was so compelling that I decided to go outside my comfort zone and give it shot!

Not sure where to begin, but now that I have gone through the process with Charlene and Flemming, I can only say that working with them has been a real treat! They were incredibly professional, but I felt like I was having conversations with good friends being supportive and encouraging as we went through several iterations of the website to get to the finish line. They walked me through every step and answered all of my many questions in a timely fashion, providing useful suggestions when I was in danger of going astray. Do not be fooled by the truly reasonable cost for their service – – it is nothing short of unbelievable!

In short, they captured my vision just as I imagined it; I could not be happier with the result of their efforts and give them my highest recommendation!

Michael Marks

Flemming and Charlene indeed work magic. I love how they built my site and collaborated at every step. Recommended by a photographer friend, I think mine was their first Actor site, and they were very attentive and open to every (silly) suggestion of mine. I am more than pleased with the result and very impressed by their continuing attentiveness. Only recently they alerted me to an anomaly on my page and fixed it all before I was even aware of it. An absolute pleasure and would highly recommend their work to anyone looking for a crisp, professional and accessible site.

Jenna Stern

I could not be more happy with the website that Charlene and Flemming designed for me. I approached them with the project of setting up a simple website for a solo law practice. They were able to come up with a terrific design concept in what seemed like a day or two and they offered some great suggestions on the site content. They both were incredibly responsive and easy to work with throughout the whole process and my web site was completed in a few short weeks. I will enthusiastically recommend them to anyone with web site design needs!

Christopher Rooney

So I had a plan. Like most of my plans, rough and not well thought out, but this one came with a deadline. “You know, you should find a way to get this work out“ was the mission quietly directed my way. “Oh, okay.” Now what? I don’t know web code from Morse Code, and the only Dreamweaver I know is a song. I called Coffee and Magic. Okay I emailed them, but calling sounds so much more dramatic, like they might be sitting there with a red telephone, waiting for my call.

“I need a site and I need it NOW.” I was polite but urgent. That’s just the way things are today. Everything urgent. I also had a list of requirements some might find strange.

Start to finish, three weeks. TOTAL. Done. Over. Posting. Dropped in front of those in charge. “’Here’s a little site I put together. (I totally took credit for it.)

Flemming and Charlene also allowed for discussion while saving me from myself and from my potentially horrendous decisions. “What do you mean a 3000 pixel, pop-up self-portrait is a bad idea?”

Creating a new site should be a positive experience, and my experience with C&M was just that. Thanks team.

Daniel Milnor

I have known Flemming for many years and have always admired his photography work. So I was thrilled when he told me that he was expending his creative skills to designing websites. Photography is only a part of my narrative. I wanted to have a website that was not only extremely visual but also put equal emphasis on my writing and philosophy. The viewer would need to get from his/her first look the depth and range of my work. One of my requests was to integrate seemingly several social media platforms in a way that would not interfere with the user’s experience. The site would have to be easy to navigate, simple and with a clear message. It was also really important for me not to have anything redundant on the site. From the beginning, Flemming and Charlene took ownership of the project and delivered what was expected. Not only did they fulfill my wishes, but they did it in record time. Thank you!

Daniel Fox

Creating a new website is always challenging, there is lots of back and forth, decisions to be made, choices. It really isn’t much fun. That has been my previous experience. Things have changed it seems and the team at Coffee and Magic have lived up to their name. I went and had a coffee and they created the magic. I told the guys roughly what I wanted, gave them the content and a few weeks later I got a sparkling, contemporary, fully bombed website. It was exactly what I was after with the e-commerce functionality and the ability to upload my tutorial videos to my site not some external website that charged me. Now I am no IT genius but Flemming and Charlene are. It is like colour management, get someone else to set it up and leave it alone. You don’t need to know why it works, it just does, it’s magic. Anyway I could go on but I must go back and check the stats on my new website, it is going ballistic. It was so easy I might even get a website for my dog! I am so happy and excited for this great opportunity to extend my training business in the future and I now have the tools to show the world.

Christian Fletcher

Kevin Raber, CEO of Luminous Landscape and Rockhopper Workshops, writes of the process he went through to get the Rockhopper Workshops site built.Check it out here

Kevin Raber

Flemming and Charlene and I were introduced by a mutual friend. Interestingly, we have never met nor have we ever spoken on the phone. Nevertheless, both Flemming and Charlene immediately grasped all of the requirements of the project and, with incredible speed and efficiency, came up with a beautiful solution. They accomplished all of the functionality and organization in an extremely elegant design. While I had a general idea of what I wanted, they really designed the entire site from my abstract notions and made sense of it all. I’m not sure anyone else could have conceived and executed a site as good as this given my input. The most extraordinary element of the project was their proficiency and effectiveness throughout. This resulted in an extremely efficient process which definitely kept costs down. And whenever we gave them comments or suggestions, their responses were immediate and on point. All in all, this was a great experience with wonderful results. Those who have visited and used the site have been exceedingly complimentary. I could not have asked for more.

Fredric Roberts

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